The Best Protein Pills You Can Buy

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If you're looking for a complete protein source, finding the best protein pills is absolutely vital. Find the best protein pills on the market here, as reviewed and trusted by nutritional experts.

Best Protein Pills

Everyone requires protein in order for the body to work properly. However, as the body ages, you may need to supplement with an external protein source. That is why the best protein pills you will see listed here may help you with this task.

But hold on: why is protein so important to your health and wellbeing? Why would you need to take protein pills on a daily or weekly basis? Before we get in-depth with the best ones available on the market, let’s see firstly if they are made for you.

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Well, something you may already know is that protein plays a vital role in tissue repair, hormone production, and muscle development. But something that you maybe didn’t know before is that protein pills may be needed at a certain age to prevent skin deterioration, increased hair fall, muscle problems, and other health issues 1.

Protein supplement pills are widely regarded as a dietary supplement, bodybuilding supplements, and weight loss supplements. They come in a variety of forms, including collagen pills, vegetarian pills, and whey pills.

Best Protein Pills On The Market

If you are looking to increase your protein intake, pills are an easy way to accomplish this. Protein is one of the most common nutritional supplements on the market 2. However, mixing a powder isn’t always an option.

In case you are looking for the best protein pills, we compiled a list of the top-rated protein supplements in the form of pills. Of course, you will also see vegetarian options, in case you are looking for pills aimed at vegetarians —in case you are looking for vegan protein supplements, then maybe you should check the powders aimed at vegans.

Collagen - Ancient Nutrition Collagen

Ancient Nutrition is known for using high-quality, science-backed ingredients. Collagen supplements promote bone, muscle, nail, hair, and joint health. And that is the main ingredient in Ancient Nutrition Collagen.

This form of protein can be used to maintain a healthy weight, facilitate post-workout muscle recovery, and is an excellent way to incorporate healthy nutrients into your diet.

The Multi Collagen Peptides from the brand Ancient Nutrition contains all five basic collagen forms, derived from a variety of well-balanced sources. This supplement is made entirely of raw, chemical-free ingredients, including fermented eggshell membrane collagen, which is supported by human clinical research. It’s high in protein and just 35 calories per serving.

Collagen from Ancient Nutrition has been shown to increase exercise recovery by 53%, minimize joint pain in 7 days, and reduce the development of fine lines in 4 weeks.

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100% vegetable origin - ALR Industries Humapro Tabs Protein Matrix

HumaPro is the ideal Amino Acid Matrix for human protein synthesis. Their capsules are 100% vegetable (which makes them an interesting vegetarian protein tablets alternative) and processed without any synthetic ingredients, reagents, or toxic chemicals.

Review of HumaPro ALR Protein Pills (Tablets or Tabs)

Your body will consume 99% of the nutrients from this supplement, with almost no waste by-product. An added benefit of consuming this protein is the support in nutrient partitioning - meaning, the food you do consume is more efficient in starving the body’s fat cells, as well as building and repairing lean muscle tissue.

HumaPro has just 0.004 calories per gram (0.02 calories per serving) and the utilization equivalent of 5 grams is the same as 25 grams of the whole food protein.

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Protein Capsules - Future Peptides Pure Protein

Protein is used by all body parts and functions. According to research, several diseases have been linked to poor protein metabolism. Future Peptides are extremely absorbent, which has a profound effect on all biological processes.

Review of Future Peptides Pure Protein

Future Peptides’ optimum amino acid profile stimulates muscle renewal immediately and works in tandem with your dietary protein source to improve the utilization of all foods in your body.

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Their highly efficient, naturally sourced peptide-protein is a highly concentrated, natural, and complete protein that is easily absorbed and quickly used while having minimal impact on your liver and kidneys.

Future Peptides capsules enter the bloodstream directly to effectively increase energy and build core muscles. You will also experience faster recoveries and enhanced performance.

Fast absorbing peptide proteins are naturally formed blood peptides that have been shown to be more efficient than “hydrolyzed peptides". The amino acid complexes are found in optimal ratios to eliminate catabolism.

The liver oxidizes dietary sources of amino acids during digestion, converting them to carbohydrates, which releases harmful ammonia. This does not happen with this protein concentrate. These are balanced, hypoallergenic capsules that have been checked for purity and rawness, and are ready to provide deep core recovery.

Marine Collagen - Vital Proteins Marine Collagen

Vital Protein’s Marine Collagen Capsules are a versatile and convenient protein supplement. There are no preservatives, contaminants, or excipients in these collagen pills.

Marine collagen is derived from the scales of fresh, non-GMO, wild-caught white fish from Alaska’s coast. This source of collagen is extremely bioavailable, digestible, and cold-water-soluble. They are an excellent option for those who desire the benefits of collagen in a compact form without the less than desirable taste or smell.

Collagen peptides from marine sources are one of the easiest forms of protein to digest and utilize by the body. They are absorbed quickly, ensuring optimum benefits to the consumer in areas that include hair, skin, nails, joints, ligaments, and tendons.

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Multi Collagen - Nutrivein Multi Collagen Pills

Nutrivein Multi Collagen Protein Pills contain a variety of all-natural, healthy ingredients that can be incorporated into your favorite smoothie, shake, coffee, or baked goods.

Review of Nutrivein Multi Collagen Protein Pills

Their collagen complex pill contains integral proteins and amino acids that replenish lost collagen in your skin, hair, muscles, and joints.

Collagen helps to form connective tissue, promoting its anti-aging capabilities that tighten skin and increase flexibility. Also, it aids in the rejuvenation of tendons, joints, ligaments, and muscles, as well as the maintenance of a balanced digestive system!

Nutrivein’s multi collagen supplement contains a high-quality blend of collagen types I, II, III, IV, and X from chicken, fish, bovine, and eggshells. Their pills benefit you by supplying vital nutrients that promote long, strong hair and healthy, bright nails. Nutrivein’s collagen pills boost the metabolic rate while also providing well-rounded skincare.

Bone Broth - Codeage Organic Bone Broth Collagen Capsules

Codeage Bone Broth Collagen capsules are designed to be an incredible blend of nutrients derived from real, whole foods that include Type II collagen. Type II collagen is important because it is typically lacking in modern diets and promotes joint, stomach, skin, and hair health.

Review of Codeage Bone Broth Collagen

Bone broth contains more than 19 easily absorbed essential and non-essential amino acids. At the same time, it contains nutrients that help with digestion, brain health, and immunity.

In their capsule, Codeage included Type III collagen, which is shown to strengthen muscles and blood vessels. They also added naturally sourced sodium and potassium. Both of which are critical electrolytes that support peak metabolic rate.

Codeage collagen capsules enhance and sustain joint function and mobility. Their blend of collagen is meant to trigger the body’s natural collagen synthesis, which keeps skin looking young and naturally protects against the generation of free radicals.

Their capsules encourage a state of mind that is peaceful and relaxing, which helps protect against the effects of stress and improve sleep quality.

Bone Broth With Collagen - Left Coast Performance Bone Broth Capsules with Collagen

Bone broth is a rich source of the amino acids glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and arginine. All of which are essential for collagen development. Left Coast Performance produced an organic grass-fed bone broth capsule with two ingredients: organic bone broth concentrate and gelatin.

Review of Left Coast Performance Bone Broth Capsules with Collagen

According to the experts at Left Coast Performance, since bone broth includes chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and glucosamine, it can actually improve the effectiveness of collagen. These compounds are also shown to improve gut health, digestion, nails, hair, skin, and joint health.

Left Coast Performance also states they encapsulate it using a low-heat, time-intensive method. The expiration date stamped on the bottle will be two years following the bottle’s manufacturing date.

Their capsules feature an organically sourced bone broth powder, free of fillers, with a healthy source of collagen to meet your protein supplement needs.

Advantages Of Taking Protein Supplements

Although it is ideal to consume protein sources through adequate nutrition 3, if you need to fill in the gaps, consider taking a protein supplement.

Protein powder is the most common means to supplement. That said, protein pills offer the same benefits as powder and come with their own special advantages.

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Protein is present in all parts of our bodies, including our hair, skin, bones, and muscles. Proteins are enzymes that power chemical reactions in our bodies, and there are over 10,000 different forms in our bodies.

Protein is made up of amino acid building blocks and there are nine basic amino acids that must be obtained from food. Adults can consume slightly more than 7 grams of protein for every 20 pounds of body weight, according to the National Academy of Medicine.

Meeting your daily intake requirements for protein can be achieved through sources like:

  • Lean meats.
  • Eggs.
  • Greek yogurt.
  • Plant-based sources (tofu, lentils, and beans).

If you decide to take a protein supplement, look for one that contains essential amino acids like leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Some may be asking themselves, “how do protein pills work?” Well, when you take a protein supplement, it will help your body produce the amino acids that enable you to develop muscle tissue more efficiently 5.

Do Protein Pills Work? Advantages Of Protein Pills vs. Powders

There are certain advantages of taking protein pills rather than powder. The most important distinction is that pills are less likely to cause stomach issues. Powders are known to cause bloating and other unpleasant digestive issues, so switching to a pill can alleviate these symptoms. Protein supplements can also help with symptoms like nausea 6.

Another significant advantage of supplementing with pills over powder is their portability. Protein powder requires that extra time be set aside to mix it. If you live an active lifestyle, work included, protein capsules or pills will provide you with what you are looking for.

Protein pills are essentially calorie-free. This is advantageous for anyone who wishes to lose weight. However, a slight disadvantage for those who use protein to gain weight. Protein pills are ideal for those who dislike the taste of the powder. All things considered, even the best protein pills have drawbacks.

Many pills and capsules are either collagen or bone broth. Finding whey protein pills or other forms of conventional protein in pill form can be difficult.

In addition, pills contain less protein per serving than powders. For example, a single serving of powder contains 20 grams of protein on average. You’ll only get about two grams of protein from pills and capsules.

Protein supplements, like shakes and powders, are designed to replace one’s entire meal. This allows your body to feel nutritionally satisfied for longer periods of time. Protein pills are not intended to be used to replace a meal.

Collagen Protein Pills

Many top-rated best protein pills contain collagen, which is not typical with your average protein powder. Before buying, consider the following information regarding collagen protein pills.

Collagen protein aids in muscle and exercises recovery, as well as protection of skin, nails, bones, and joints 7. Collagen-containing supplements will likely suffice if you are looking for general protein benefits. If your primary goal is to gain mass, both lean body and muscle, you should consider supplementing with a whey protein pill or a conventional protein powder.

The amino acids found in collagen are different from ones found in whey or vegan protein. Compared to other types of protein, collagen has lower profiles of essential amino acids. Collagen contains more glycine and proline, but less tryptophan and leucine 8. The advantages of collagen are largely due to the presence of a variety of amino acid peptides within it.

The main lesson here is that collagen has potential as a primary protein source. However, there’s a chance it will affect your body differently than other forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best protein pill supplements are designed to optimize performance and enhance recovery after exercise by repairing muscle damage, as well as accelerate protein synthesis to strengthen the muscular system. They can also help with weight loss and management by increasing satiety.
The main ingredients used to formulate the best protein pills are various forms of protein powders. The most common protein sources are soy, collagen, bone broth, and whey. There are some companies that utilize casein, hemp, beef, or pea powder as the main constituents in their formulas.
You can choose the best protein pill supplement by determining your health goals. Whether it's weight loss or muscle building, choosing a protein base that has a high biological value to maximize absorption is best. Steer clear of formulas with added sugars and starch-based sweeteners.
Depending on the protein type and whether the formulas are boosted with compounds, the best protein pill supplements are available in tablet form or a powdered mixture in capsule form. Both of which are easily consumed dry or washed down with a beverage.
When it comes to shopping for the best protein pills, you should avoid formulas that are high in calories and added sugars; stay away from artificial ingredients. For obvious reasons, those with allergies should read the product label first to avoid formulas with ingredients that could trigger an allergic reaction.
Even the best protein pills come with side effects, just like any supplement. Some common side effects to look out for are digestive upset, bloating, diarrhea, unhealthy weight gain, low blood pressure, kidney stones, hormonal imbalances, dehydration, liver stress, and nutrient interactions.


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