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Great Lakes supplements are premium quality collagen-based products with the highest purity and appeal. Take a look at the best supplements from this brand you can buy.

Best Great Lakes Supplements

Great Lakes supplements are premium quality collagen-based products with the highest purity and appeal. Established in 1922 as “Grayslake Gelatin”, a pioneer company producing the best quality gelatin-based supplements, it became “Great Lakes Gelatin Company” in 1988 to keep up with the growing demand for its products.

Ever since its inception, providing high-quality collagen and gelatin to supplement a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle has remained its prime motto.

Collagen is part of the best anti-aging supplements: The Best Anti-Aging Supplements You Can Buy

Along with the health benefits of collagen, the ease of consumption of these supplements has made them an all-time favorite among health-conscious individuals all over the world.

Based in the USA, Great Lakes continue to bring the highest-quality collagen and gelatin supplements through constant and tireless research and development works. At Great Lakes, they are committed to making science-backed formulations to increase the quality of life of their customers.

Great Lakes Supplements Quality

The popularity of the Great Lakes brand comes down to its commitment to stringent quality assurance standards. Their products are sourced from the purest form of natural raw materials, each of those undergoes a series of tests before being available to consumers. All of their products are made using grass-fed, pasture-raised ingredients.

Great Lakes supplements can be taken even while you’re trying to follow different diet modalities such as the keto diet or the paleo diet as these are keto-certified and paleo-friendly. Owing to the great health benefits of collagen, these supplements have been recommended by nutritionists and health professionals as a rich source of easily absorbable dietary protein.

The Great Supplement: Collagen

Collagen is the main structural protein of the body found in various connective fibers of the tissues such as skin, ligaments, bones, and cartilages. As the main component of the connective tissue, it is the most abundant protein in the body making up almost ⅓ rd of the whole-body protein content.

Collagen consists of amino acids (proline, glycine) bound together to form a triple helix. They're almost 28 types of collagen identified till now 1, and Type I, II, III, and IV are the most common types. It is the substance that provides structural integrity, strength, and elasticity to various structures such as blood vessels, bones, joints, skin, and internal organs including the heart, kidneys, liver, etc. It also helps in maintaining homeostasis.

Endogenous collagen is synthesized by the body. However, its production decreases with increasing age, exposure to UV rays, smoking, a high-sugar diet, many auto-immune conditions, genetic diseases, etc 3. Its deficiency leads to innumerable health-related problems. There’s little we can do to help with these causes of its depletion.

However, we can supply it exogenously by taking food rich in protein and collagen supplements. Gelatin is a colorless, flavorless form of collagen sourced from animal body parts. This irreversibly hydrolyzed form of collagen has been used as a dietary supplement for decades.

Types Of Great Lakes Supplements

Great Lakes supplements are made to include collagen and gelatin for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to achieve a better quality of life. These supplements are formulated using different combinations to help you reach your wellness goal.

Depending upon your personal need, you can choose from the following types of these supplements:

Bone And Joint

Collagen is one of the main constituents of bones and joints. As we age, the collagen necessary for healthy bones and joints also gets depleted.

Research has proven the benefits of collagen hydrolysate while maintaining bones and joint health and aiding in the treatment of bones and joints disorders 2. Taking daily supplements of collagen hydrolysate is essential to maintain the structural and functional integrity of these structures.


Collagen provides tensile strength and elasticity to the skin. The natural course of aging and UV rays exposures are among the causes that lead to a decreased amount in the body 3. Its depletion will lead to unhealthy-looking skin and wrinkles.

The use of these supplements sourced from the purest form of naturally occurring raw materials not only revitalizes your skin but also makes you appear youthful and healthier 4. Say goodbye to unsightly wrinkles and achieve well-hydrated skin with a daily intake of these super-supplements!

Hair And Nails

Healthy, thicker hair is an important aesthetic of a healthy person. Hair loss can have detrimental psychosocial effects on an individual. Some people also experience brittle, easily breakable nails due to the lack of collagen.

However, after a certain age, its formation will slow down and there’s nothing we can do to halt that. We can, however, supply high-quality collagen to improve the receding hairline and brittle nails 5.

Post Workout Recovery

A combination of collagen supplements and high-intensity strength training is reported to not only aid in post-workout recovery but also increase muscle mass in individuals 7. As collagen fibrils from the majority of connective tissues inside of the body, it aids during the recovery process after a strenuous exercise schedule.

On top of that, it also helps in the gains!! Sounds unreal? You can get this double bonanza with these supplements. Just sip your way to a great body and have a great time working out!!

Best Great Lakes Supplements To Buy

At Great Lakes, they believe that an active lifestyle and a healthy diet including the finest quality collagen and gelatin is the foundation of a well-lived life. And they have left no stones unturned to bring the superior grade collagen to their consumers in a ready to consume form.

Depending on your taste and nutritional requirements, you can choose from the great varieties of supplements at Great Lakes:

Unflavoured Collagen Hydrolysate

Great Lakes unflavoured Collagen Hydrolysate, made up of one simple ingredient, is a low molecular weight dietary supplement formulated by combining various amino acids to benefit the quality of life. The bovine collagen hydrolysate used in this product is nearly tasteless, colorless, and odorless which makes it a readily digestible and perfectly neutral supplement.

Its easy-to-use formulation allows it to dissolve in any drinks or beverages, whether hot or cold, as it doesn’t congeal in cold liquids making it a suitable addition to all kinds of recipes. It has been studied to be beneficial to maintaining healthy bones and joints, and also for aiding in the treatment of various bones and joints-related disorders 2.

It also helps in keeping the skin hydrated and reducing wrinkles 4, increasing muscle mass 7, and relieving post-workout fatigue. If you’re searching for a way to incorporate the benefits of essential proteins in a hassle-free manner, go get your daily dose of collagen with these supplements.

Flavoured Collagen Hydrolysate

The flavored version of Great Lakes collagen hydrolysate packs all the great benefits of collagen hydrolysate while being a treat to taste buds. At Great Lakes, they offer you endless flavorful options to include these nutritious supplements into your diet. These are:

  • Chocolate Collagen Hydrolysate.
  • Chai Collagen Hydrolysate.
  • Vanilla Collagen Hydrolysate.
  • Apple + Cucumber Collagen Hydrolysate.
  • Lemon + Lime Collagen Hydrolysate.
  • Mixed Berries Collagen Hydrolysate.

Each of these creations is uniquely flavored and lightly sweetened with botanically sourced ingredients to help you obtain its benefits in a feel-good way. These flavored combinations of essential amino acids are non-GMO, Grass-fed, Pasture-Raised, and support KETO and Paleo diets. These are especially beneficial for people with a gluten allergy as they are made gluten-free. What else are you waiting for! Just mix and have it, and get going!

Organic MCT Powder and Oil

MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) is a type of fat that gets converted to ketones which can be used as a source of energy. As these MCTs get metabolized and absorbed by the Liver to produce ketones, this product can be a great aid for people who follow the keto diet. The energy produced during the conversion of MCTs to Ketone can fuel the body and the brain which helps to attain a faster metabolism.

The Great Lakes Organic Powder/Oil is made using 100% MCT from coconut and Organic Acacia Fiber. Packed in a portable, PET/BPA-Free container, it is a great source of energy for people who want to have a healthy, vegan way to fulfill their daily need for energy.

This product is USDA Organic, Kosher, and supports Ketogenic and Paleo diet modalities. These premium quality clean-label MCT powders and oils can be easily incorporated into your diet by adding these to any of your favorite recipes. Have a great time indulging in healthy MCTs!

Collagen Endurance Plus

Are you an active athlete who loves intense work-outs, or a busy workaholic who likes to incorporate some gymming into the daily schedule trying to find an immediate source of energy? Well, it seems your search is over as their Endurance Plus is formulated to meet your daily demands for energy by supplying your body with the nutrients needed for an active lifestyle.

This exceptional blend is formulated for providing an instant lift and powering a high-performance routine that can be taken as a pre-or post-workout supplement 7.

Every serving provides you with the premium collagen hydrolysate, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B complex. The flavors, colors, sweeteners, and caffeine used in these formulations are all sourced from naturally occurring botanica so that you garner the most of its nutrients while savoring its wonderful taste. How do you do that? It’s so simple! Scoop into your favorite workout water bottle, mix and enjoy.

KETO Collagen + MCT - Vanilla

If you are in the search of an all-around product that integrates the benefits of bovine collagen hydrolysate and MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) in a flavorful way, then Great Lakes Vanilla Keto Collagen + MCT is your one-stop destination.

This powerful combination is a nutritiously rich coffee creamer or smoothie alternative for people who want to acquire all the benefits of nutritional collagen and 100% Organic MCT in a single scoop of supplement. These MCTs are derived from Organic Acacia Fiber and flavored with organic vanilla in a Kosher, KETO, and Paleo-friendly combination. But, there’s more to this super-combination.

It is dairy-free, hence people with lactose intolerance can have their field day with this delicious supplement. It is richly fortified with Collagen Types I & III which are very important for healthy bone and skin. The ingredients used in these supplements are grass-fed & pasture-raised. So, make a smart choice and supplement your diet with these great combinations of nutrients.


Great Lakes premium gelatin is made using one simple ingredient to provide you with exceptional cooking functionality at an affordable price. It is available in two flavors:

  • Beef Gelatin.
  • Pork Gelatin.

Great Lakes Gelatin has been used in households around the globe for generations. Great Lakes Gelatin is a versatile cooking ingredient that is used in many thickening and gelling cooking applications from gelatin desserts to puddings to sauces. It will dissolve in hot liquids, and it will thicken upon cooling.

It is widely used while preparing desserts and gummies, and as a thickening and/or stabilizer substitute. It is nearly tasteless, colorless, and odorless which makes it an ideal addition to many recipes. It is also suitable for people who are in search of gelatin supplements that are gluten-free, non-GMO, and available in the glyphosate-free form. This gelatin supplement can also be used by people who are on a ketogenic or paleo diet.

So, next time you head to the kitchen to make some marshmallows, don’t forget to add this premium gelatin as you can obtain all the benefits of this hydrolyzed form of animal-derived collagen while enjoying your favorite dessert. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Great Lakes Supplements Reviews

Great Lakes supplements are highly reviewed with their products receiving, on average, 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. Users have reviewed these supplements to be generally well-tolerated and no toxicities or public health concerns have been reported so far.

Along with the health benefits of collagen, the ease of preparation and consumption have made them an all-time favorite among health-conscious individuals all over the world. Moreover, their supplements are made of naturally sourced and extracted ingredients that have cemented the trust of the customers in their products.

Where To Buy Great Lakes Supplements

If you are willing to incorporate the purest quality collagen into your diet to reap the many benefits of Great Lakes supplements, you can buy them easily through their website, or from their official vendors on Amazon. If you want your products delivered to you, you can simply place an order and get their supplements from online health stores.

If you like shopping in person and would like to shop locally, you can buy Great Lakes supplements from nearby Walmart and health stores. Additionally, Customers are encouraged to ensure that the product they are buying, either online or in-person, is from an authorized seller to avoid any scammers who sell fake products that can either be of no use or harmful to your health.

Even though these supplements are safe to be consumed and deemed beneficial for your overall health, it is of great importance to acknowledge that these supplements aren’t certified by US FDA for the treatment or cure of any diseases. These supplements have shown benefits if used as dietary adjuncts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Great Lakes
Established in 1922, ever since its inception, providing high-quality collagen and gelatin to supplement a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle has remained their prime motto of Great Lakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great Lakes is a health supplements and nutraceutical products manufacturer that is known for its collagen-based health products. The brand manufactures and markets high-quality collagen supplements, including bovine gelatin collagen powder and a variety of collagen-based performance supplements, designed to support health and vitality.
Great Lakes supplements offer collagen and nutritional health products that are single-ingredient formulas designed to support a healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet. Their collagen line is a tasteless, colorless, and odorless powder that is easy to digest and mix in the liquid.
Great Lakes Supplements are manufactured in the United States in FDA-registered and GMP-certified facilities. Their collagen products are formulated with ingredients that are sourced from grass-fed and pasture-raised bovine. Before each batch of raw materials enters their production, they test it for quality using independent third-party labs.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your Great Lakes product, you will need to contact their customer service department at 847-223-8141. They offer a refund for unopened products within 10 days of purchase. They do charge a 20% restocking fee and shipping.
You can find the Great Lakes official website at The website’s homepage features drop-down menus where customers can shop their best-selling products, learn about the company, or discover recipes and health tips through their informative blog.
You can contact Great Lakes via the contact form on their website at You can also contact the company’s customer service department via telephone at 847-223-8141. They are available to take calls Monday through Friday between the times of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST.


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