Six Star Explosion Reviews, Ingredients, Does It Work?

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Six Star Explosion is said to be one of the most powerful pre-workout supplements. But is it really? Here's an unbiased review to learn more about its ingredients, benefits, safety, and how it can be used to push you to new fitness heights.

Six Star Explosion Review

Whether to look good or feel good, most people have the desire to devote time to working on their bodies. However, few people are aware of what they can do to truly achieve their fitness goals. One option is to take a pre-workout supplement like Six Star Explosion.

If you are looking for a genuine, inexpensive pre-workout supplement, Six Star Explosion might be the ideal option for you. Their pre-workout supplement is an all-natural product that promotes energy, focus, endurance and muscle pumps for those who need a quick burst of energy to get them through an exhaustive workout 1.

The specialized formula in Six Star Explosion is intended to give your brain and body the boost it needs to keep you on track and focused. With this pre-workout supplement, you will be able to work out more efficiently, avoid mid-workout fatigue, and help your body build muscle naturally 2.

Six Star Explosion Benefits

One of the primary reasons to supplement with pre-workout is for more energy during a workout. The Six Star Explosion pre-workout formula contains stimulants that energize your body and increase metabolism, allowing you to work harder through your workout 3. This makes it ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts(both male and female) who work out frequently.

The ingredients in Six Star Explosion pre-workout assist your body in losing weight quickly by increasing your energy, which increases your metabolism. With this pre-workout supplement, you will be able to exercise for longer periods of time, allowing your muscles to build, while also burning calories and stored fat at a faster rate 4.

Even if this is not your intended purpose for taking a pre-workout supplement, losing weight can be beneficial to users as it will help you build lean muscle and reduce overall body fat 4.

Six Star pre-workout makes use of a system called Treadmill Energy System to help you get the most out of this product. The treadmill energy system works by stimulating the production of muscle fibers, allowing your body to produce more fuel and thus allowing you to perform longer and more intense workouts. It also takes less time to be effective than other pre-workouts 5.

L-Arginine and Hyaluronic Acid expand the vascular system, which increases the flow of blood through your muscles, filling the muscles with more oxygenated blood. The result is increased stamina, endurance and strength 6. This effect, in combination with stimulants, will increase your energy levels as well.

This pre-workout is designed to reduce the onset of muscle fatigue by incorporating ingredients that, in the right doses, can prevent lactic acid accumulation and fuel muscle contractions 7.

Six Star Explosion aids in recovery as well. Exercising and training are important but protecting what happens to your body afterward is just as important. This pre-workout supplement contains key ingredients that help soothe tired and aching muscles. They also help slow down muscle breakdown and rehydrate them through the use of electrolytes 7.

Six Star Explosion Ingredients

Ingredients of Six Star Explosion

Six Star Explosion contains ten pre-workout boosting components, seven of which are split between two proprietary blends. Proprietary blends are mixes of multiple substances displayed in a single quantity on the ingredient label of supplements.


Beta alanine is well-known for its ability to reduce fatigue and increase strength. Research shows that this substance can prevent lactic acid development, lowering muscular fatigue, and allowing for longer training sessions 8. In high doses, many people have reported it causes itching and view this as a sign that it works.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate helps to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy source for muscle action that can be depleted during exercise. With over 200 studies on its effects on performance and muscle growth, creatinine is the most researched ergogenic in the world 9.

According to research, monohydrate is the best form for maximum absorption and performance. The only side effect of this form is bloating caused by high doses 9.

L-arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG)

L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) promotes nitric oxide synthesis, which dilates blood vessels and improves cardiovascular function 10.

Citrulline, Taurine, Arginine

Taurine, citrulline, and arginine are vasodilators that work together to provide forceful and intense pumps through enhanced blood delivery. They are known to increase nitric oxide production, promote cell hydration and mental focus, as well as help the body remove biochemical waste 11.

Caffeine Anhydrous, Choline Bitartrate, and L-tyrosine

Caffeine is a well-known stimulant, shown in reliable scientific studies to improve muscle endurance and athletic performance 12. Caffeine anhydrous, choline bitartrate, and l-tyrosine are ingredients known to increase energy and concentration levels 13.

Six Star Explosion Safety and Side Effects

In general, pre-workout supplements can cause side effects. Although they are harmless, they can be very uncomfortable and unappealing 14. Typically, these are the result of caffeine overstimulation.

Because the caffeine dose in Six Star Pre-Workout is minimal, this supplement is viewed as safe for most individuals with very minimal risk for this product to produce harmful side effects.

That said, it depends on the person and their sensitivity to stimulants. The most common side effects experienced include headache, diarrhea, nausea, insomnia, and irritability 14.

Also, there is also the possibility of feeling bloated as a result of creatine, as well as the tingling sensation from beta alanine. All of which are common and not dangerous.

Who Should Buy Six Star Explosion?

Six Star pre-workout is designed for athletes, bodybuilders, and weightlifters. This pre-workout supplement was created for active people who are serious about their workouts.

Six Star Pre-Workout Reviews and Final Thoughts

Six Star Pre-Workout is one of the most affordable, well-known, and widely available pre-workout supplements on the market. Their pre-workout is formulated to provide effective doses of beta alanine, caffeine, and creatine in an affordable supplement that promotes endurance, energy, and power — which is all most people want.

Six Star Explosion is a very popular pre-workout supplement. It's available in almost every fitness aisle (grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores, you name it), and reasonably priced.

This product has earned a spot among the best-selling fitness supplements, ranking in the top 3 best selling pre-workout supplements on the market. Additionally, ranked Six Star Explosion #4 out of 145 pre-workout supplements in terms of popularity based on its 10,000+ reviews.

When it comes to Six Star Nutrition Pre-Workout Explosion, it is a highly recommended supplement that has received overwhelmingly positive reviews by its users. The majority of customers rave about the taste, claiming that the Fruit Punch flavor is the overall favorite.

Where to Buy Six Star Pre-Workout

Six Star pre-workout is available from the official Six Star website, Amazon,, and Walgreens. One tub of 210 grams (30 servings) costs on average around $20.

Six Star
Six Star Pro Nutrition is a world-class line of advanced sports nutrition supplements. Their formulas are designed to support the health and nutritional needs of all ages, lifestyles, and athletic pursuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Six Star Explosion is a pre-workout supplement that is manufactured by the health supplements company Six Star Pro Nutrition. This supplement is formulated with key nutrients that are designed to naturally increase energy levels to enhance endurance and athletic performance.
The main ingredients in Six Star Explosion include beta-alanine, creatine, and L-arginine AKG. It also features a pre-workout proprietary blend with vitamin C, caffeine, choline bitartrate, niacin, and tyrosine. In addition, there is another blend they named the “Advanced Pump Complex,” including taurine, citrulline, citrulline malate, and arginine HCI.
Six Star Explosion is a pre-workout supplement that is viewed as safe to consume by healthy individuals when taken as directed on the label. This supplement delivers a relatively high dose of stimulants in the formula. For consumers who are sensitive to stimulants, this supplement may cause jitters and headaches.
Six Star Explosion is manufactured by the health supplements brand Six Star Pro Nutrition. This brand specializes in formulating sports nutrition products, including pre-workouts, protein powders, BCAA’s, and various others. The company manufactures its products in the United States and uses international ingredients to formulate its supplements.
The cost of Six Star Explosion will vary based on container size, flavor, and retailer. The average price for this supplement is $15 for a one-month supply (around 33 servings), which equals out approximately $0.45 per serving. This is a very reasonable price for pre-workout supplements.
You can purchase Six Star Explosion from the manufacturer's website. This supplement is also available to purchase at the majority of retailers who sell health products, including CVS, GNC, Walmart, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. The sale prices will vary depending on the retailer.


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