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With their long-standing history of producing reputable health and nutritional supplements, Life Extension is a brand you can trust to get you where you want to be on your wellness journey. Read about their best products available on the market here.

Best Life Extension Supplements

Life Extension is a well-known brand that has been active in healthcare and producing health products for over four decades. To provide active healthcare to those who seek it, this company has been working nonstop to achieve the very best it can for the sake of its users.

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Life Extension supplements's main goal is to supply the best nutritional goods to the users. Because of the hectic lifestyles, workloads, and already present illnesses, a person may miss out on consuming a diet rich in essential nutrients. Daily diet may not provide all the nutrients that the body needs to run. So these supplements have been produced with the hope that they will be able to supply all those deficient nutrients to the body and help gain better health.

Types of Life Extension Supplements

The products of Life Extension supplements have been differentiated into different categories according to health concerns. It includes:

Active lifestyle and fitness

The products under this category ensure that the person remains fit and active with stronger immunity.

Anti-aging and longevity

These products deal with the agents that cause rapid aging in the body and help to keep cells alive for a greater length of time.

Bone health

These substances help in maintaining healthy bones and decrease the effects of osteoporosis.

Brain health

These are items meant for brain health, delaying the early aging of the brain and help in better cognitive functions and thinking abilities.

Digestive health

The digestive health supplements help in easy digestion and better absorption from the gut. Thus, this ensures that the nutrients are better absorbed and the person can remain healthy.

Eye health

These are for the proper care of the eyes, better vision, and safeguard them from infections.

General health and wellness

These help in the general well-being of a person who desires to live a healthy lifestyle:

  • Glucose management/blood sugar: The products under this category are for leveling of sugar in the blood, especially in patients who may have Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Heart health: These supplements control the levels of cholesterol, blood pressure levels, etc and maintain a proper condition of the heart.
  • Hormone Balance: The hormone balance supplements help to keep the hormones in the body in check and regulate their flow throughout the body.
  • Immune Support: These substances help to better the immunity against microorganisms and to keep the body healthy.
  • Inflammation management: These supplements help to rid of the troubles brought forth by inflammation in the body. These also help to regulate pain.
  • Joint health, kidney, bladder, urinary health, liver health, detoxification: These supplements are for aiding in the work of these organs, maintaining their health, and detoxifying the body of the various toxins the body may consume over time.
  • Mood support: Mood support supplements regulate the mental condition of the person and help them lead a better life.
  • Nerve Health and comfort support: These regulate the pain caused by various kinds of neuropathies. They also help to care for the nerves.
  • Sexual health: Sexual health supplements can help in better sexual performance and regulate sexual health in users.
  • Sleep and stress management: These products provide better sleep cycle maintenance. They also help manage the stress levels in the body.
  • Thyroid/adrenal: The products under this category help maintain the condition of the thyroid and adrenal glands.

Hence, the products made by this company can be used for different kinds of ailments and for the general health of the body.

8 Best Life Extension Supplements You Can Buy

Life Extension has been producing supplements for a long time and here we describe the eight best-selling products of this brand. Each of them have been carefully made under strict quality control. All the products listed below have their own individual uses because of the unique properties of their ingredients. We recommend users to try them out and provide their views regarding these products.

Here are the best Life Extension Supplements that you should know:

Black Elderberry + Vitamin C

These capsules are a combination of Vitamin C as ascorbic acid and Black Elderberry extracts. Black elderberries are effective in treating upper respiratory tract symptoms 1. These extracts are also effective in decreasing common colds and influenza 2. Vitamin C is necessary for making collagen and healing wounds 3. It can also manage the level of sugar in the blood 4.

Review of Life Extension Black Elderberry Plus Vitamin C

A lack of Vitamin C in the diet can cause conditions such as scurvy, bleeding of gums, and difficulty clotting blood. Both Black elderberries and Vitamin C increase the immunity in the body. They also have antioxidant properties. Thus, they play a vital role in defending the body against oxidative stress.

These capsules contain 200 mg of Vitamin C and 720 mg of Black Elderberry. This combination has been added to a vegetable cellulose capsule, making it easier to swallow. These capsules are hypoallergenic and can be consumed on a daily basis.

The user may take these capsules twice daily along with food to provide the needed Vitamin C in their diet. So if you are in search of a supplement that can give you the required daily dose of Vitamin C, this might be the product for you.

Super Carnosine

Super Carnosine capsules consist of Thiamine, L-Carnosine, Benfotiamine and Luteolin. This substance was designed mainly to provide its antioxidative property, provide Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), care for the DNA, and control blood glucose levels. Thiamine produces energy by using up glucose. It also promotes cell growth 5. A lack of thiamine in the diet can cause fatigue, irritability, weakness, and diseases like BeriBeri.

Review of Life Extension Super Carnosine

L-carnosine is one of the proteins that can regulate brain-related disorders such as OCD, Alzheimer's, and dementia 6. It can also help in the normal functioning of the blood, brain, heart, and kidneys. The substance Benfotiamine can improve the condition of high sugar levels of blood. Benfotiamine can help lessen the effects caused by diabetic nerve disorders. It can also relieve the effects of diabetic kidney and eye diseases 7. Luteolin is a flavonoid used mainly in eastern medicine. It has an anti-inflammatory property and can also work as a neuroprotective agent 8.

These various elements have been bundled together into a vegetable cellulose capsule. One can take these capsules up to twice a day or as per their need. So if you are looking for a supplement that can make you feel rejuvenated and protect your heart, brain, nerves, and kidneys, this product might be the best one for you.

ArthroMax Elite

This item contains extracts of Cutch tree, White Mulberry, and Chinese skullcap. It aids in the pain brought about by aging joints and betters the health of muscles in old age. It is a gluten-free, non-GMO product which is mixed into a Vegetarian capsule.

Review of Life Extension Arthromax Elite

Cutch tree, native to Asia, has a long history of being used as a pain reliever in joint pains caused due to osteoarthritis. These can also decrease the level of inflammation in the body 9. White mulberry can control the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients 10. These also have anti-inflammatory properties and can help relieve pain. They can also help in some metabolic dysfunctions 11.

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Chinese skullcap is a medicinal plant that has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can decrease joint pains. It also has antioxidative properties and works effectively against the damage caused by oxidative stress 12. The blend of all these ingredients make it very useful in treating joint pains brought about by old age.

Arthomax Elite capsules by Life Extension are available as a 650 mg blend with additional substances like calcium carbonate, microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable stearate kept into a vegetable covering. We advise the users to take these capsules daily for maximum benefit. So if you are looking for supplements to decrease your joint pain and keep the joints healthy, this might be an ideal product for you.

Super Omega-3 Plus

Life Extension's Super OMEGA-3 Plus contains multiple substances such as EPA/DHA fish oil, sesame lignans, olive extract, krill, and astaxanthin. Its main goal is to support the health of the heart and the brain. EPA and DHA are short for Eicosapentanoic acid and Docosahexaenoic acid respectively. These are the two forms of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Review of Life Extension Omega-3 Plus

Omega-3 fatty acids are contained mostly in fish products. They can lower inflammation, improve mental health, and improve memory 13. They also help in maintaining the health of the heart and joints 14. Sesame lignans contain antioxidants, hence helping to lower the oxidative stress in the body. It also works as a substance effective in killing microbes 15. The olive extract contains polyphenols that can reduce the chances of getting heart diseases 16.

Krill oil, another source of Omega-3 fatty acids, can be easily absorbed in the intestines 17. Astaxanthin, a natural red pigment found in seafood and algae, has been speculated to decrease the chances of cardiovascular disease 18. It has anti-inflammatory effects too and can reduce the pain caused by inflammations 19.

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Super Omega-3 Plus is available as soft gels. We recommend the users to take it twice daily or as per their health needs. This product may help to keep the brain healthy and help in the proper workings of the heart. So if your goal is to obtain good brain and heart health, this might be the product you need.

Zinc Caps

Zinc Caps contain zinc monomethionine plus zinc citrate. These two compounds have been bundled into a microcrystalline cellulose capsule. Zinc is one of the elements that can maintain the immune functions of the body.

Review of Life Extension Zinc Caps

Zinc cannot be stored in the human body so daily supply of zinc is important. Zinc deficiency is becoming more common nowadays because of the lack of a good diet, decreased intake and decreased absorption. Zinc deficiency can cause impairment in immune functions and affect the health of the person.

The zinc components in this product are a part of the substance called superoxide dismutase. Superoxide dismutase contains powerful antioxidant properties. Hence, it works as a strong agent against the damages caused by the oxidative stress in the body 20. It also helps in the proper growth of the cells and decreases inflammation 21. Zinc also helps in the synthesis of proteins in the body.

The Life Extension Zinc caps are available as 50mg vegetable capsules mixed with microcrystalline cellulose.These Zinc caps may be an ideal object to replenish the zinc in your body and fulfill your daily requirement of this mineral.

Curcumin elite

Curcumin Elite capsules contain curcuminoids, turmerones, and galactomannans. These three components have been added to a vegetable cellulose capsule to make this product.

Review of Life Extension Curcumin Elite Turmeric Extract

Turmeric has long been used in eastern medicine to treat various ailments. Turmeric contains Curcumin, the yellowish pigment. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can treat pains caused by arthritis and inflammations 22. It also supports caring for the health of the heart, brain, and nerves. Curcumin also has antioxidative properties, so it can make the body feel rejuvenated.

Turmerones are bioactive components from the turmeric plant which can aid in better absorption of curcumin in the body 23. Galatomannans also increase the bioavailability of curcumin and aids in its absorption in the body 24.

Life Extension's Curcumin Elite capsules are made without any gluten components. The company has brought this ingredient in the form of daily intake capsules. This item might be the thing that helps relieve pains and make you feel much healthier.

Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 With Enhanced Mitochondrial Support

Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 is a product made for the health of the heart and providing energy. This product contains Ubiquinol or Coenzyme Q10, Primavie Shilajit fulvic acid complex, and a few other ingredients like sunflower oil and lecithin, gelatin, and glycerin.

Review of Life Extension Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with Enhanced Mitochondrial Support

Coenzyme Q10 is a substance found in the body in the heart, liver, pancreas, and kidney. It can help to treat heart failure and the buildup of fluids in the body. It can also decrease migraine headaches and slow down the aging of the cells 25. The sunflower contains various minerals and elements consisting of dietary fiber, manganese, and vitamins 26 which are overall good for the health. It also has antibacterial properties and helps in building immunity. Shilajit is traditionally used to improve brain health. It can also help in delaying the progression of Alzheimer's disease 27.

These Super Ubiquinol tablets can be readily absorbed in the body. These are available as soft gels, taken daily with foods, or as per the user's needs. This product may help the user to have better cardiac health.

Vitamins D and K with Sea-Iodine

This product consists of Vitamins D and K with Iodine mixed into it. Vitamin D is necessary for building bones and the health of the muscles. This item contains cholecalciferol, a form of Vitamin D. It helps in calcium absorption from the intestines. It also maintains healthy bones and muscles. Vitamin D can also control the calcium and phosphorus levels in the body 28.

Review of Life Extension Vitamins D and K with Sea-Iodine

The product contains Vitamin K1 as phytonadione, Vitamin K2 as menaquinone-4, and trans menaquinone-7. These three vitamin subtypes help to maintain the regulation of the blood in the body. They also help the blood to clot in case of wounds 29. It can also help to prevent Osteoporosis 30.

Iodine gets used up by the body to regulate thyroid hormones. It can treat and prevent iodine deficiency. It also synthesizes proteins and promotes proper metabolic activities in the blood 31.

These capsules contain 125mcg of Vitamin D3, 2100mcg of Vitamin K, and 1000mcg of Iodine which have been mixed into a vegetarian capsule. Hence, if you need supplements to replenish these three substances in your diet, this product might be the one for you.

These are some of the best supplements by Life Extension. The customers are free to try any of these as per their needs. We request the users to give back valuable feedback regarding the products.

Life Extension
Life Extension supplements have been produced with the hope that these will be able to supply all deficient nutrients in the body and help gain better health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Life Extension is a renowned health product, nutraceuticals, and vitamin and mineral supplements, manufacturer. The company is known for producing high-quality health supplements that are made with pure ingredients designed to optimize consumer health solutions with their scientifically proven formulas.
Life Extension offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality vitamins and supplements that are made with only the purest, independently sourced ingredients. They offer magnesium, bone health, and K2 supplements, with ingredients that are easily absorbed and aid in the maintenance and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
Life Extensions products are manufactured in the US. The ingredient quality used to make their supplements are rigorously tested by Life Extension third-party labs. They also offer blood and lab testing for their customers to begin with to ensure you're obtaining all of the nutrients your body needs.
If you are dissatisfied with your Life Extension purchase in any way, you may return it within 12 months of purchase and they will replace it or refund your account. You can contact their customer service department for further information.
The official website of Life Extension’s health supplements company can be found at Their homepage features drop-down menus where customers can navigate through products, health basics, science, and research, as well as learn about the company.
You can contact Life Extension through their website at; they offer to call center support 7 days a week at 1-(800)-678-8989. Customer service representatives are available to answer customer questions and product inquiries. They can also be reached via email.


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