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Organifi's plant-based superfood blends are formulated to deliver premium nutrition with their organic whole food ingredients. Discover their best supplements to help you on your way to a healthier life.

Best Organifi Supplements

Organifi supplements are highly trusted and well-researched products that are manufactured with different blends of superfoods. The brand Organifi was founded by Drew Canole with the purpose of sharing his knowledge of superfoods and their various benefits with the rest of the world.

All supplements manufactured by the brand are made of plant-based ingredients that have been researched, tested, and proven to be quite beneficial for the human body.

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Canole founded the brand after experiencing the benefits of plant-based superfoods, firsthand. After spending years of his life as an overweight, always tired, and fatigued person, Canole experienced a huge change in his overall health and energy levels after he began consuming superfoods.

Organifi is a brand where the founder of the brand himself takes its supplements and stands by their quality and safety.

Organifi Supplements Quality

Organifi supplements are highly reviewed and trusted by users online, mostly because of the high quality of not only the final product but also of each and every ingredient that is included in the blend. The brand aims to educate people about the health benefits of superfoods, and empower them to add them to their diet, hence, beginning their health and wellness journey.

Ingredients used in Organifi supplements are sourced naturally and sustainably. The brand is dedicated to improving the overall health of its loyal customers and protecting the earth at the same time. It is worth noting that all ingredients are thoroughly researched before they are used in the supplements.

Not only does this help the brand use the best of the best ingredients, but it also helps the brand determine the safety and potency of the ingredient. The end goal is to produce a supplement that is safe, potent, and effective.

Each product, before it is manufactured and then before it is packaged, is heavily tested to ensure that all safety guidelines and protocols were followed during the production phase. This detailed assessment of products is especially beneficial in guaranteeing the lack of contaminants and toxins in the supplements. If the safety protocols are not being followed, contaminants will get mixed with the supplements, which on consumption can result in deterioration of your health.

Where Are Organifi Supplements Made?

Organifi supplements are manufactured in the United States of America, with the brand’s headquarters being located in San Diego. The final blend and formulation of the supplements occur in a facility in the United States, however, the ingredients may be sourced from anywhere in the world. This is mostly done so that the ingredients are sourced from locations they are native to, resulting in the best results for the earth and you.

Types Of Organifi Supplements

Nutritional boosters or energy enhancers are some of the things said to describe a supplement. There are several types of supplements based on the different functions they perform or the variety of ingredients present in them. Each brand has its own specific way of categorizing the supplements, and each of them has one main purpose for doing so; making the shopping experience a whole lot easier for you.

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Organifi supplements are categorized into different types based on their ingredients and the specific function those ingredients perform in the body:

Complete Protein Supplements

Supplements in this category are vegetarian and vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free sources of protein to help increase muscle mass, enhance muscle recovery, and improve satiety. These supplements also contain digestive enzymes which are extremely beneficial in improving the digestion of the proteins and reducing the risk of gastric disturbances.

Gold Supplements

Supplements in this category are available in powder form and tea form, with the main purpose of them being to relax you and reduce your stress. The ingredients in the Gold supplements have strong antioxidant properties along with anti-inflammatory properties which allow your body to heal internally from oxidative stress and relax mentally.

Pure Supplements

This supplement is especially recommended for those who have been suffering from a mental fog. Fast-paced life and the stresses that accompany it can make a huge toll on your cognitive and mental health. Taking these supplements is believed to reduce those effects and provide you with mental clarity.

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Critical Immune Supplements

A healthy lifestyle can keep your immune system healthy and functioning but a lack of it can result in decreased functioning and strength of the immune system. This results in constant flu-like symptoms and decreased overall energy. Supplements in this category not only promote the proper functioning of the body but also keep the whole system in check. This is to avoid overworking the immune system which can do more harm than good.

Organifi brand also has a different category in which its supplements are sold, known as the ‘Bundles’. This category includes different types of supplements paired together based on their net benefit. These bundles are:

Summer Reset Bundle

This bundle includes supplements called Red Juice Powder, Green Juice Powder, and a complete protein powder. The main aim of this bundle is to help users get a headstart on preparing for summer by getting their summer body ready. The supplements included in the bundle increase your overall muscle mass and strength, while also decreasing your appetite so you can reduce the fat content in your body.

Sunrise to Sunset Bundle

This bundle is your companion throughout the day, with supplements that help enhance your energy levels throughout the day and others that help you relax at night and promote a healthy sleep cycle. Supplements included in this bundle are Red Juice, Green Juice, and Gold supplements.

Complete Health System

The name says it all. This bundle aims to improve your overall health with five different supplements. The Complete Health System includes Balance supplements, Red Juice, and Green Juice, along with Gold and Complete Protein supplements. Each product targets a different aspect of your health, and improves it significantly, resulting in an energized, healthier, and better you.

Revive And Repair Bundle

This bundle includes Green Juice and Gold supplements, with the main idea being to use the repairing effects of the Green Juice supplement and reset the body followed by rejuvenation and calming of the body with the Gold supplements.

Immune Support Bundle

This bundle aims to support the immune system as a problem with the immune system can result in health problems affecting other health systems as well. This bundle includes Critical Immunity supplements and Immune Support supplements.

You can also choose to make a specific bundle for yourself, however, it is recommended that if this is your first time buying supplements, you try out the basics first on their own. Deepening on your specific results, you can opt for the bundle choice.

Best Organifi Supplements That You Can Buy

The Organifi brand has a wide variety of supplements and bundles, each of which has a specific health benefit associated with it. The products have high customer satisfaction rates and are highly reviewed and trusted.

If you are looking to start your health journey with Organifi, but don’t know where to start, the following list might help you out. We have listed the three supplements and products with the highest ratings, for you to try out and experience the advertised benefits firsthand.

Green Juice

Green Juice Powder is a blend of spirulina, chlorella, ashwagandha, lemon, wheatgrass, turmeric, and mint that only has 30 calories per serving. This vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free supplement is the perfect option for you if you are trying to heal your body internally and manage your weight at the same time.

Review of Organifi Green Juice

Spirulina and Ashwagandha are popular superfoods. Spirulina is widely used for its high Vitamin B12 content along with its antioxidant and immunomodulating properties 1. The use of it in this product helps reduce free radicals in your body and enhance your immune system, significantly.

Similarly, Ashwagandha has several benefits and is used in Ayurvedic medicine for its effect on the brain. In fact, it is widely used in the management of neurodegenerative disorders and brain injuries 2.

Overall, this product resets your body and health, giving you a fresh, healthier start every morning.

Red Juice

The Red Juice Powder is also just 30 calories per serving but it packs a punch and can increase your energy levels throughout the day. This energizing supplement is a harmonious blend of three different blends, namely, antioxidant blend, endurance blend, and energy blend. The key ingredients of this supplement are Cordyceps, Siberian Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom, and Beets.

Review of Organifi Red Juice

Cordyceps is an expensive ingredient most commonly used in food and traditional medications aimed at treating various disorders. It has immunomodulatory, antioxidant, antitumor, cytotoxic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antidiabetic, and analgesic effects 3. These properties of the cordyceps allow it to repair your body while increasing your overall energy levels.

Siberian Ginseng, on the other hand, is used for its anti-stress properties. Several studies conducted on the effect of Siberian Ginseng found that it has an anti-fatigue, anti-stress, immuno-enhancing effect, CNS activity, and anti-depressive effect 4.

The Red Juice supplement is recommended to be taken during the day, after starting your day with Green Juice, so that it fights the effects of stress on your brain, immune system, and energy as they begin developing.

Move For Joint And Exercise Support Softgels

The Move Softgels are highly reviewed and have the highest customer satisfaction rates. The key ingredients of these soft gels are turmeric, organic arctic pine bark, organic astaxanthin, and organic holy basil.

Review of Organifi Move

Turmeric is widely used in South Asian countries for its benefits related to movement, joint support, and bone health. To further study and prove this effect scientifically, a study was performed on patients with arthritis who were given turmeric and curcumin, the main component of turmeric, supplements. It was found that turmeric supplementation could significantly alleviate the symptoms of joint arthritis 5.

The other ingredients of this supplement have antioxidant effects, which also help reduce the levels of free radicals in the body, which if not removed, can result in harmful chemical reactions in the body, causing long-term damage.

Organifi Supplements Reviews

Organifi supplements are highly reviewed and are usually given 4.8 stars out of 5 stars, online. Users rave about the various benefits of the products, which they begin to see within weeks of taking the supplements.

The one specific benefit that seems to have most users hooked to the Organifi supplements is that these products cause changes in health that other sources have not been able to produce. For example, many users claim that the Organifi Move supplements, unlike any other treatment they used in the past, actually helped improve their joint pain and made movements like climbing the stairs easier for them.

Moreover, users are also big fans of the safety, efficacy, and potency of all Organifi supplements products.

Where Can I Buy Organifi Supplements?

Organifi supplements are widely popular because they are readily available and can be easily found in most health stores and beauty stores. If you would like to experience the benefits of these plant-based superfoods from the comfort of your home, you can go over to the Organifi website and have the supplements of your choosing delivered to your doorstep.

The Organifi brand also has certified and verified vendors on Amazon that sell the supplements. You should always buy the products from these vendors only if you are opting for the Amazon route, because there may be unverified vendors who may be selling dupes or fakes of the products. These products can either have no effect on your body and just cost you a lot, or they can be high in toxins that can impair your health, creating long-term health complications.

If you would rather buy in person, or locally, then you are in luck. Organifi supplements are sold in most health stores and beauty stores. They are even available in Walgreens and Walmart, so just head on over to the shops near you and start your health journey with Organifi.

Manufactured with different blends of superfoods, Organifi supplements helps you to improve your health through a wide range of supplements and bundles with different varieties of superfoods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Organifi is a health and nutrition supplement company that specializes in plant-based organic superfood powder blends that are designed to support optimal health. Pure green juice, red juice, protein, detox, and immunity bundles are all part of their collection of health products and nutritional supplements.
Organifi manufactures and distributes a premium line of nutrient-dense protein powders, to-go powder packets, and superfood dietary supplements. The company is most known for its Red Juice and Green Juice superfood blends, in addition to Organifi Immunity, Organifi Glow, and Organifi Move.
The entire line of Organifi’s Superfood health products and nutritional supplements are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in California, USA. The ingredients used in their product formulas are 100% organic and their formulas are certified organic and non-GMO Project verified.
Organifi offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a full refund (excluding postage) within 60 days. You can still get a refund after 60 days, but you'll get an online credit for rather than a cash refund.
Organifi’s official website is found at Their homepage features a sidebar where customers can view their products, including greens, reds, golds, protein, and immunity. You also have the option to filter and shop by multi-product lots and/or health benefits.
If you need to contact Organifi, you can fill out a customer contact form on the company’s website, which can be found at You can also reach their customer service line at 1-760-487-8587 or via email at [email protected].


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